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What You Need to Know About Pickleball Rules
If you are new to pickleball it’s a term that you get when you combine tennis, table tennis and badminton like its shown here! This is a game that has not been in the sports industry for many years and by the fact that it involves the big three in the world, it becomes interesting to know more about it. To understand how the fans of this gameplay it read this page now! There is more about pickleball that you need to know which includes the rules and you can read here now.

The first thing that will discuss pickleball is the court. The pickleball courts are 22 X 44 feet, similar to that if badminton court. It’s also good to know that the net of the pickleball is 36 inches high and at the center, the inches drops to 34 inches. You need to understand that the 7 feet area from the net is a none-volley zone. This new game allows you to play from anywhere regardless of whether you want to do it indoors or in the outdoor since its conducive for every environment. This link will give you more details about the pickleball game.

Let’s learn something about the pickleball ball. If you know how the whiffle ball looks like, then this one looks the same but in this case, the pickleball has a more durable ball than the whiffle ball. When you are playing indoor or outdoor you can choose to play balls with different sizes of holes. If you like to click here for more details on how to choose the best ball for pickleball game.

The other rule for the pickleball is the paddle. Some years back, its only wood that was used to make the paddle but recently things have changed as more materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass are also used to make the pickleball paddle. This paddle is close to larger table tennis and the maneuverability is just the same as that of table tennis. If you are looking for the best place to buy a new paddle you should click for more info.

Give me some more time I explain to you about the pickleball server. The game must start with a serve from the right side of the court and that must run in a diagonal direction of the court. You will discover more about the rules of a serve that you need to consider when playing this game.

Furthermore you must have an idea about the volleys. A volley is a term that is used to mean hitting the ball back before it bounces and if you want to know when it is allowed check it here now!

Consider to reading more here about the faults. There many reasons as to why you can lose points like the ball not crossing over the net, serving when you are in the non-volley zone or on its line, not following the double bounce rule and many more that you can read now! View here for more for tips on how to score.