Bed linen

You are arranging, you have almost everything, only soft furnishings are missing. Some curtain, tablecloth, pillows and bed sheets with sheets. It is good to have more pieces to stock, to alternate.
The bedroom is orange-painted, the bedroom is white and the curtains are light green. So what do we select
Bedding? If you have no taste and do not know that the appropriate color combinations are orange-green-yellow, indulge yourself with expert advice. Neprohloupíte.
Sweet Dreams
In the appropriate color tuning, you still need to choose between the materials that make the bedding distinctly different. You can have a non-ironed crepe, warm flannel or, for example, bedding made of luxurious cotton or cut velvet. You can also ask for bedding with bed sheets and pillowcases or bed linen sets 2 + 2. Is this a foreign language to you? Leave home Textiles for housewares and you can only dream of sweet dreams.